Soul Harvest Studios

Music Recording

Proud losers of the loudness war

Who are we

We're a Portugal based music recording studio, biased towards metal. Our aim is to catalyse music creation by enhancing, not fixing, what local bands and artists bring to the table.

Things we do

Drums tuning, mic placing, phase checking, above-Nyquist AD sampling, guitar re-amping, sound checking, click tracking, ...

Things we do not do

Auto-tuning, auto-quantizing, drums sampling, guitar amp emulating, in-the-mix fixing, square-waveform mastering, drums triggering, ...

Drums Recording

Genre: Metal; Artist: Animica; Track: Metamorfose

Acoustic Guitar Recording

Genre: World Music; Artist: Grutera; Track: Espera

Track Mixing

Genre: Rock; Artist: Trio; Track: Squeeze My Soul


Detecting standing waves

Needs MOAR bass traps! A simple way to detect stationary waves in your control room, home studio, garage or bathroom

Recording Distorted Guitars

Step by step guide on recording distorted guitars